Life coaching provides an opportunity to:

Work in confidence with a coach who is not directly involved in your everyday life

Understand present patterns of thinking and believing and identify those that may not be helpful

Explore where you want to go in and with your life.

Life Coaching Can Help you to:

Gain new perspectives on your present situation that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential or making changes

Clarify what you want from life and how to work towards achieving it.

Make informed choices and decisions

Open up new possibilities to enable you both to work on defining and setting your goals for the future.

Set and maintain effective goals

I have a Diploma in Life Coaching and I have a background of working with people who were seeking career change and in education where one of my roles was as Careers Teacher. I have also had considerable experience of working with counselling clients who having worked through their issues are ready to make changes to enable them to move forward in their lives. I also have Diplomas in CBT and NLP . Together we explore goals and look at ways in which you can make any appropriate changes to your life style.


Face to Face Coaching :

  • £40.00 an hour;

Telephone Coaching:

  • £30.00 an hour;

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