What Does Supervision Offer?

Counselling can make considerable demands on the Counsellor and Supervision will ensure that you are not only addressing the needs of the client and maintaining the therapeutic relationship between yourself and the client, but also that you are adhering to the ethical standards of the organization to which you belong or the agency in which you work. Supervision can also help you to recognize your own personal and professional development needs so that you may grow in confidence and competence as a Counsellor.

I regard Supervision as a collegial relationship between the Supervisor and the Counsellor where the Supervisor, contrary to the image of the 'work place Supervisor, is a mentor and guide rather than an 'overseer'. Through encouragement, support, affirmation and challenge together we monitor and evaluate the counselling process and if appropriate I may try to help you to find new ways of looking at yourself and your client to enable you to work more effectively with that client.

I have a Certificate in. Supervision and have 12 years experience of working with Counsellors and trainee Counsellors. As an experienced Integrative Counsellor I am familiar with the Person Centred, Psychodynamic, CBT and TA theoretical approaches to Counselling. I am a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor (Individuals) and as such follow the Ethical Framework of BACP.


  • £35 per hour; £45 per 1.5 hours

(reduced rates for counselling students or Counsellors working solely in voluntary organizations are available.)

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